Puppies Available are First Come, First Serve Basis

Families who received my approval will be given first option to place deposit on available puppies born.

***Do Not place a Deposit on Available puppies until Puppy Inquiry has been completely filled out & we have conversed, emailed, or texted & you have Received My Approval!!!

Our Miniature Pinschers & Chihuahuas are for Life and not an impulse buy We Do Not Offer Refunds Because You Changed Your Mind or Any Other Unexpected Incidents. No excuses or family issues which occur will be accepted as a valid excuse to give you a refund. Deposit are Non refundable under no circumstances. We remove them from the available puppies website page, hold them for you and tell others they are on Hold/Sold!!! (No Exceptions) Unless pup is found unsound before going home, we can transfer  your deposit to another littermate or upcoming litter if available. This includes pre puppy deposits, we have told others you have 1st or 2nd pick & they may have gone elsewhere & then changing your mind means that we have lost that pets potential home!!! ALL Paypal, PayPal Venmo & Cash App Deposit for any pup serves/confirms as your legal signature that you agree to all the terms of our contracts!!!


🐾❤️ Note ❤️🐾

Step 1- If received my Approval  you can immediately pay deposit once receive PayPal Venmo link.

Step 2- After you pay deposit through PayPal Venmo, I will send you a contract Which will include your total purchase price split into two payments Deposit & Remaining balance. Two set of Vaccines (6 WKS & 8WKS, Microchip &  Prepaid Limited Reg. are included in purchase price. If purchasing Chihuahua pup I will still send you PayPal Venmo link with available contract so you know exactly when remaining balance is due & this Contract serves as your receipt. Deposit are due immediately after receiving PayPal Venmo link. (Venmo has been the best payment method due to no holds) I would love to give more time but their our other families waiting in line for our  ❤️🐾 Heart of Toys 🐾❤️ Puppies.

***(If you choose to pay your deposit through Cash app or PayPal Venmo… I will immediately update Website as Received Deposit & Remaining balance will show due on or before your puppy turns 7 WKS. 

Step 3- Immediately after Deposit is Received your puppy of choice will be moved to on Hold/Sold area on website! You will then see on contract & PayPal Venmo your  Remaining Balance is Due on or before 7 WKS of Age. (If puppy is being picked up @ 8 WKS of age, remaining balance is due on or before 7 WKS of Age). 

Step 4- I will begin typing your contract which will include spay/neuter details, my information, puppy price, deposit received & remaining balance etc.

Step 5- You receive contract read it, sign it & Hold on to it, this serves as your receipt. I will have your paper copy ready @ pick up.

Deposits are Non-Refundable, Under No Circumstances! 

A delay in sending payment will result in puppy being sold to another person. 

Acceptable Payments are listed below  

PayPal Venmo, Cash App, PayPal, Credit & Debit Cards, Money Orders, Personal Checks, and Cash.

 I do offer longer stay but it will be at the new owners expense. $20 a day includes board & care. 


Payment Information 

You may put a non-refundable deposit on a puppy to hold it, the balance must be paid in full and all checks/payments cleared before we deliver the puppy or puppy is picked up. Please allow 14 days for checks to clear. We accept PayPal Venmo, Cash app, PayPal, Personal Checks, Visa, MasterCard, Discover, (Debit Cards), & Cash. We are 100% PCI Compliant. If anything happens to your puppy you will be contacted immediately and your money will be refunded or you may choose another puppy.

If you plan on sending a check, I highly recommend you send it either certified mail or priority.  This way it is assigned a tracking number and the postal service will track it to assure it doesn’t get lost or stolen. The puppy will not be delivered or placed on hold until the check arrives, & not delivered until check has cleared.

 * Remember if paying by Credit card always ask that they are ” PCI compliance” certified this means your credit card numbers are not stored and never shared with anyone. We are fully Compliant!

Also: If a person is looking to do a charge back after receiving the puppy as a form of scamming the breeder, We do take all charge backs seriously and will take to civil court as well as show up at your door with the sheriff and papers, to collect the puppy in which you received credit for and then take to civil court for travel and expenses and fees. Please don’t think that committing credit card fraud is a good idea to get a free pup, It’s Not!




🐾❤️🐾 We have the rights to refuse sales to anyone if we don’t feel its proper situation for our puppies/babies, we have the rights for the first pick and price change at any time of purchase. All puppy prices are for limited registration only, and sold to pet homes. We may consider Full AKC to approved homes only for additional fee. 🐾❤️🐾